Laboratory Services

Laboratory Service

The testing of air and flue gas is very important to maintain our quality of living. DEOM provides a broad range of air testing services: emission tests, ambient air testing, indoor air in buildings and workplaces and soil gas. DEOM uses a very large selection of methods, under international approved quality systems and the relevant accreditation and approvals covering areas .

DEOM Environmental consultancy accepts soil testing samples originating from across the globe. For soil analysis and soil remediation projects the testing of environmentally relevant components on soil and groundwater is of great significance. DEOM can test all soil types covering different routine parameters like heavy metals, TPH, PAH, aromatics, VVOCs, VOCs, SVOCs and pesticides, as well as non-standard parameters like glycols and phthalates using a wide range of modern techniques including GC X GC/TOF/MS, TD/GC/FID/MS, ICP-AES, ICP- MS, (LVI)-GC/MS, HPLC and LC-MS. The pre-treatment and analytical methods that we currently use fully comply with national and international legislation and standards.

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