Environmental Health and Safety Training

Environmental Health & Safety Training

Health & Safety is imperative for the welfare of every workforce and potential clients intending to collaborate with the business. Furthermore, businesses operating in the field of environmental, health and safety (EHS) are regulated by a significant volume of guidelines and codes of practice that may be bewildering to the uninitiated and even the experienced, practitioner. Companies need to ensure that their staff are up to date with all the latest EHS regulations and know how forthcoming changes may affect their operations. As a result, here at DEOM we work to ensure that all Health & Safety compliance are met by providing the tools to create adequate risk assessments; enhance business credentials.

DEOM offers a thorough range of training programmes that can be tailored to your specific needs. All our tutors are full-time EHS professionals experienced in applying the skills they teach from the learning and development perspective and from sector-specific knowledge and experience.

Presently, courses are mainly offered in-house and range from short, introductory seminars to multi-day courses with external examinations. Our training solutions include internationally recognised and accredited courses; customized courses; facilitation services and workshops to build workforce competence and to produce a defined output; and specialist educational courses in conjunction with academic institutions. Whatever your requirements, we will work with you.

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